When responses are too long for Facebook

Anyone that has known me for a period of time knows that I enjoy a good debate. Not an argument…when you start getting personal because I disagree with you then we have a problem. I mean a discussion, a discourse. The ability to sit down face to face with someone who has a sincere and genuine differing opinion from mine and discussing the issues and not just the emotions of a situation or a problem. I recently reconnected with some of my old friends over the years on Facebook, including a few that are (to say the least) more of a “liberal” bent than me. However, sometimes we get into conversations with each other and others that end up being too lengthy for Facebook posts. Thank goodness for blogs!

This is a reply to some responses given by my fraternity brother J.D. “Dusty” Roades (no relation to my pal, Virgil Runnells, of wrestling fame) during one of those conversations:

“Indeed. But can you explain, if conservatives want “less government and less power, and less control over the lives of American citizens” why they back warrantless wiretaps, allowing the FBI to order the library to give you a list of what you’ve been reading (and threatening librarians with jail if they tell you), denial of the right to habeas corpus, and imprisonment without trial or even charge because the President, without any review, decides someone is a threat?”

I believe that I can. In most of the cases that Dusty (who’s an attorney, bless his heart…) alludes to here the issues that were being dealt with were issues of national security stemming from the fact that even before the WMD debacle that embroiled us in Iraq, our nation has long been the target of hostile, foreign forces. Most of those forces have been aligned with groups of radical, militant Muslims who have in many cases instigated or committed armed attacks on citizens of the United States in other countries

Can you explain why, if conservatives want “less government and less power, and less control over the lives of American citizens” why they try to enact laws controlling what women can do with their own bodes, telling people who they can and cannot marry, and allowing those state run schools you say are failing to force students to engage in state-mandated prayer?

(Fortunately, the courts have reined a lot of these things in, while conservatives scream about judicial activism) “


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