“I hear voices…”

If you haven’t heard the recent Country Music song “I Hear Voices” then you’ve missed a pretty good hook. The singer talks about all the voices in his head of people that he loved giving him good advice that he’s glad he followed over the years. I immediately understood the song because I have a set of voices in my head as well. Some of the things I still hear include:

“You don’t save money by trying to fix something that you have no clue how to work on. You just end up breaking it more and having to spend more to get it fixed.” Daddy

“If you paid cheap, you get cheap. You get what you pay for.” Daddy Frank

“Men get stupid over a woman like she’s the only one the Lord made.” Grandmu

(She also said something else along that same line that’s not really good for a “family friendly” blog but Grandmu wasn’t one to mince words…)

“A wanton waste makes for a woeful want.” Grandma Twisdale

“Don’t ever say what you’d do in a situation. It’ll make a liar out of you.” Mama

“How you do something is just as important as what you do.” Reverend Sam Martin

“Always carry a sermon in your pocket, just in case you get called on.” Reverend Henry Lovelace

“Why buy something new when you have the same thing and it works fine? Just keep what you’ve got working good and you can spend your money on important things.” Oliver Brewer

“You can’t fit a chair in the back of a Mustang!” My wife and my sister.

“I got you another Long Island Iced Tea! Enjoy it!” (Jerry White trying to make me into one of his customers during my batchelor party….)

“I don’t think trying to fight the entire NC State Wrestling team in the bar was a good thing.” Mike Moore, the night I quit drinking.

“Next time you have a thought like that run through your head, let it go on.” Ron White

“I wanted to send my dog to school because I never went.” D.J.

“I have no bucket list.” Kenneth “Skeeter” Clark

And one of my personal favorites that I try to remember every day: “Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you really know anything.” Daddy


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