2011 – The year of “WTH”?????

I know that as you get older you’re supposed to dread the passing of time, especially since it seems that this thing that we measure as “days” and “years” goes to Turbo-Speed somewhere around your 35th birthday. Also, I’m not a big fan of “New Years” as a holiday other than a huge excuse to get plastered and act like a jackass the first of which I no longer do and the second of which I try to avoid as much as possible. No, really… I do.

The most important thing about New Years Eve for me was that it was on this night way back when that I met the love of my life and the most important person to me, my wife, for the first time. It was at a party and I was getting plastered and acting like a jackass (I said I don’t NOW…don’t judge me by my past, please..) when I first met her and, despite the fact that I and others I was with that night did some particularly stupid and immature (but kinda funny) things she still went out with me. I’d like to think it was God’s plan to send this woman to me to get my life straight rather than just poor mate selection on her part. Happy Anniversary, Claudia! I love you!

Now, back to this past year. It seemed like everytime I turned around I was saying “What the hell?”. My job was incredibly difficult due to the economy cutting into our budget, people stealing like there’s no tomorrow and general chaos. Family illnesses, family crisises, stress, tears and some moments of banging my head on the wall were pretty much the norm. On the week I experienced an earthquake and a hurricane one behind the other I was thinking “You know, this Rapture thing can’t be all that bad…”. Everybody suddenly started saying that the Mayans, Edward Cayce, Nostradamas and the Psychic Hotline are all predicting the world will end in 2012. I think some folks went to the movie “2012” with kinda high hopes that they were right. Personally, I’m going with the biblical answer to that one which is “No man shall know…”. And since no angel’s showed up to tell me otherwise I’m sticking to that one.

There were some personal highlights. I did get to go to Mississippi on a trip where I was actually treated by members of the community and the local city fathers as if I were someone that had a clue what he was doing. That’s a refreshing feeling every now and then. Too bad I have to leave home to get it.

I also got to go to Chicago and hang out with folks from all around the world at a conference. I ate Chicago Deep Dish pizza three times that week. That made up for at least the earthquake and part of the hurricane. It’s like manna with sausage and cheeze.

The “silly season” of elections started up and for the first time in my life there is NOBODY running for ANYTHING that I’d be excited enough to vote for or campaign for. Not a Republican and not a Democrat. Simply put the only Republican candidate with half a brain is Newt Gynrich and other than the fact that I would cringe at the thought of world leaders being introduced to our president “Newt Grinch” is the fact that Gynrich is an egotistical, condecending attention monger that apparenlty can’t deal with personal relationships very well. I have no problem with Mitt Romney being a Mormon but I do have a problem with some of the others being morons. Huntsman would be the only one that I’d think about supporting but I think he’d be better off running for Vice President with Obama on the Democratic ticket.

We got to see the “hippie movement” briefly flare up in some bigger cities with the “Occupy Something…Anything…Just Occupy Space” movement. Which, apparently, shows that if your cause is liberal and you don’t keep good hygene and have people OD in your park-camp then you don’t have to pay for picketing or marching permits like conservative groups do. I actually saw and heard some of the folks from this group in “Occupy Chicago” and despite all my efforts to try to understand I still don’t know what their main point is other than “Rich Folks are too rich”. What I pretty much saw were people that would be pretty comfortable in the socialist and communist movements back in the 60’s. Of course, there’s a reason that it was in the 60’s and not today. Neither of them work and apparently neither do Occupy protesters.

So as man counts time this is the end of something and the beginning of another. As God sits outside of time I have to wonder if he doesn’t shake his head and look at Times Square and marvel that we his creation celebrate a random measurement of time more than we celebrate Him. My prayer is that He continues to love us and offer His Grace through Jesus Christ and that perhaps, just perhaps, more people have to say “WTH” a bit less.


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