This post is in regards to the “string” of comments made by friends of Rob “The Boogie Woogie Man” McBride regarding the episode of RAW last night and the insertion of Ryback into the Hell in a Cell main event against CM Punk for the WWE Title. Terry’s comments were:

“I know the mindset for pro wrestling has changed over the years due to larger tv viewing and sponsorship, but it seems to me like they need to take a page from how it used to be done. Very seldom did you see main eventers wrestler each other on “free” tv. The storylines between them would be built up over a period of time, then they would battle it out at an area setting where you would have to buy a ticket to see it. You can see main events every week now on tv. Ricky Morton does some really good Shoot interviews about this very subject.”

Terry it was a few years ago that Ricky and Dusty Rhodes and I talked about the same thing in the locker room in Washington, NC during one of Rikki Nelson’s NWA MidAtlantic shows. ROH is a good example of how you build interest for a Main Event match in the “old school way” but still have fans interested in your TV and PPV (in this case iPPV). They have been building up Michael Elgin for months, teasing his split with his manager and stablemates, having him be aggressive but wrestling like a face and keeping him away from any contact with Kevin Steen until a few weeks ago when they got into it but were quickly separated. Now the fans have two heels that have baby reactions for the most part (Steen and Elgin) primed for a match. The other thing is that Steen’s faced several guys for the title since beating Richards and it’s been different guys. The problem is that WWE wants all of their workers to be “superstars” and they have no one that’s an experienced “enhancement worker” like a David Isley, Gary Royal, Chuck Coats, George South, Mike Sharpe, Les Thornton, etc.

They’ve done the same thing with Jay Lethal and not what his primary rival’s out for a long time with an ACL tear, Lethal’s getting slowly moved into the World Title storylines as well. ROH is using a lot of the young guys from promotions in Georgia, Florida, NC and Alabama that Bill Beherens works with as their “enhancement” talent but they are never painted as “jobbers”. WWE’s writers (whoever they are this week) don’t understand this concept. They think that if you just swap rivals in between weekly matches that people will be interested in a PPV match. Almost universally unless you’re a younger Cena fan the average person cared more about the Big Show/Sheamus World Title match than yet another Cena/Punk match. They have no “feud” to end because they never developed any heat in the first place. Cena/Shawn Michaels was a run with heat. And pretty much everyone has forgotten that The Rock has a match scheduled at Survivor Series for the title. So now do they put over Ryback by DQ or give him the strap to keep him rolling or do they basically kill off any interest in the guy by having him job to Punk at Hell in a Cell? And, to me, it’s not a Hell in a Cell without The Undertaker around somewhere.

WWE, you want your young guys to learn? Hire George South and have him teach them on how to make the names look good on their way up instead of going straight to the limelight from FCW or NXT.