Things women say that, generally, aren’t true..

There are a few things that I’ve noticed that women (other than my wife, who is probably the most honest female on the planet) may say that, generally, on closer inspection turn out to be less than honest. These include:

1) “I’ve never really been very interested in dessert.”
2) “I went out today not really caring how I looked.”
3) “I’ve never really thought that (insert their favorite actor) was really attractive. I just like them as an actor.”
4) “It takes a lot to make me angry.”
5) (To a man) “Of course I’d rather talk to you than watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.” (Usually followed by 60 minutes of silence.)
6) “I’m never buying another pair of shoes again.”
7) “I don’t really pay attention to what other people wear to church.”
8 ) “Sure, a man can be attractive with grey hair!”
9) “I have the only pocketbook I’ll ever need.”
10) “I really want my husband/boyfriend to feel free to share their inner feelings with me.”


Hello and welcome!

Well, here goes nothing…

I suppose that I got so tired of writing about different things that interest me or to make others think or laugh (or laugh while thinking) that I finally decided to start my own blog.  I like to think of it as very similar to screaming out of a rolled-down vehicle window while going down the road at 65 MPH. Chances are pretty good that no body will hear you and will just think you’re crazy.

Anyway, here’s what anyone that cares can expect to find in my posts:

1) An attempt at humor;

2) Comments on sports, professional wrestling and other entertainment;

3) Lots of bad spelling;

4) Comments on political topics and social issues;

5) Comments on Christian issues.

So, if anyone’s interested, I invite folks to stay tuned. If not then I’ll just repost it to Facebook!