Send me…

I taught a “church” session at a nursing home last week.

Now, on its face, that doesn’t seem like much. Given that many of the folks gathered in that room have been Christians for years and are now closer to seeing the face of God than I am (at least, I think they are!) that doesn’t seem like a big thing.

Except for two things: 1) I’m afraid of Nursing Homes, and; 2) I’m not a “pastor” and I’ve never been good at speaking to groups of older folks.

The strange thing was that this room of folks, many of which had to be helped to get there, out sang many of the regular congregations of church-goers I’ve seen in the past. And more of them laughed at the parts of the sermon where I would have liked them to laugh than many other times I’ve spoken. I even made it down the hall to visit a great-aunt that couldn’t make it to the meeting. I’m scared to admit it but I felt better than I have in a long, long time doing that.

It seems like lately that I am only truly happy when I’m either alone and talking to God or talking to others about Jesus Christ. I get upset when there aren’t any good gospel teachers on the radio or on the Christian stations on Direct TV. It’s like being lost and out-of-place when what I’m doing doesn’t involve serving God. Yet the thought of being a “Preacher” scares me to death. Most of the “Preacher’s” I’ve known in my life were either the most kind, intelligent and spiritually gifted people who I’ve ever met or they were the worst kind of imposter. I don’t feel like the first and I sure don’t want to be the second.

Yet sometimes I feel as if my life in this world will not be complete until every opportunity I can get to get in front of a group of people includes talking about the fact that there is only one person, one God, one Way by which this poor wretched world of people can be saved and that is (as Billy Graham would say) “the man and the glory, Jesus Christ”. For 25 years I’ve seen how bad people can be and how they can act. I’ve met real saints and unrepentant sinners. I’ve studied “religions” and traditions and worship and doctrine and dogma and psychology. I’ve asked questions with no answers and found answers to questions that I had no idea that I had. I’ve watched people I love die and seen people I love born. I’ve seen people who I love suffer that didn’t deserve to have as much as an ingrown toe-nail if good deeds amount to anything. I’ve seen persons of pure selfish evil and malice gain more power and influence though their manipulation of the weak, uneducated and unsaved.

And the more of this I see the more I understand that there is only one name by which a man can be saved and that is Jesus Christ. There is only one faith that can supply people with happiness in this world and life once we leave it. There is only one way to defeat death and that is the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Sin is an illness and there is a cure and each day that I don’t shout that to the world I get more frustrated, sad and discontented.

But the only way to walk that path to teach is if Christ calls our name. And for the longest time I’ve wondered if my name was being called. I wondered if I could meet the challenge and duty of such a sacred call. What if I fail? What if others don’t take me seriously? Do I give up all and start now? Do I wait for a “door to open”? Am i mistaken and my call is to another service?

I’m still asking a lot of questions. But tonight I have decided that, if my name is called, my answer will be this.

“Here I am. Send me.”


A word from “Pastor Mary C”

Greetings to all in the “cyber-world”.

This week’s post on my blog is being turned over to my oldest daughter, who recently put a very touching and sincere post on her Facebook site. A bit of background here. M.C. is most definitely her “own person.” She’s always been a bit of a rebel and non-conformist in an area where non-conformists aren’t exactly embraced by the general populace. Her hair is usually purple (or some other color usually not seen naturally in homo sapiens) and she’s got several piercings and tatoos. However, she’s active in two churches and is unashamedly a born-again Christian. I’m extremely proud that both of my daughters are confident enough to be themselves and to prove all the folks out there that think that born again Christians fit a particular “mold”.

Good Evening,

I spent much of my afternoon scouring Youtube and iTunes for karaoke tracks for use in varous church services/performances/ect. And on my linking journey, YouTube directed me to some disturbing videos. Do you know how many anti-religious videos are out there?? MILLIONS!!!!

The first video I came across was recorded in December of ’08 and featured a gentleman discusiing his resolution fro 2009. Sounds safe enough right?? But alas, his rsolution was to “say buh-bye to Jesus” for a year. This young man spent about 5 minutes on a very well written, inteligent dirscourse on how religion will “undercut the abilities of our children and our society to compete…on an international level.” He also staes “…try to think outside the box that your family and society forced you into.” Another of is videos is set up like a Sci-Fi movie, in which he informs society on how to protect themselves from “Faith Zombies” aka Christians. There are surely thousands of similar videos, all of which really get under my skin. So, here’s my response:

Christians in Boxes?: Uhm no. Have you met me?? What about contemporary Christian rock bands, like Skillet, Sanctus Real, Flyleaf, adn Outrun the Gun? Christian society is just as vast and diverse as any other. Christians worldwide come from all backgrounds, all styles, and all races. Christians are goths, punks, skaters, upper class socialites, blue collar workers, butlers, maids, and in some countries-even slaves. You simply cannot stand there and say that our families have put us in “boxes”. It’s clearly untrue.

I suppose the point of all this is to stress that our God is an awesome God, through and through. he wants us to be free, creative, artistic, wacky, loud, wild, unusual, unique, silly, serious, contemplative, social, shy- WHOEVER WE WANT TO BE! Jesus loves me (yes, I know) just as much as He loves the uber conservative old folks at my church. Faith is NOT a box. God’s love has NO WALLS. Just look around you- the earth is filled with his creations! 😀 Would a god in a box be able to make a sunset as beutiful as ours? Or a critter as ugly as funny looking as an anteater? I think not.

In closing, I hope that you my brothers and sisters in Christ will remember that Jesus loves us ALL equally, no matter what we are, who we are, or where we are. His love is endless, His power is limitless, and no one can make me believe any differently.
Have a blessed week everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello and welcome!

Well, here goes nothing…

I suppose that I got so tired of writing about different things that interest me or to make others think or laugh (or laugh while thinking) that I finally decided to start my own blog.  I like to think of it as very similar to screaming out of a rolled-down vehicle window while going down the road at 65 MPH. Chances are pretty good that no body will hear you and will just think you’re crazy.

Anyway, here’s what anyone that cares can expect to find in my posts:

1) An attempt at humor;

2) Comments on sports, professional wrestling and other entertainment;

3) Lots of bad spelling;

4) Comments on political topics and social issues;

5) Comments on Christian issues.

So, if anyone’s interested, I invite folks to stay tuned. If not then I’ll just repost it to Facebook!